Rice Bran Oil Plant

Rice Bran Oil Processing Plant

Techgen Engineering Ltd. can supply the turn key project of Rice bran oil production plant, from pre-pressing to solvent extraction to refinery and final package, processing capacity from 10T/D to 500T/D. Please inform us the capacity you want when your inquiry.

Rice bran oil production plant process:

1. Separating bran from tips sections

2. Rice bran softening and conditioning section

3. Rice bran expanding section

4. Rice bran drying section

5. Extraction section

6. Refnery section

Rice bran oil ex-treatment and expansion machine

Processing Material: Rice bran
Processing Capacity: 30-1000T/D
Processing section:  Rice bran, cleaning, softening, expanding, drying etc.
Major equipments: Frequency conversion feeder, magnetic separator, Bran & tip separation screen, softening machine (conditioner), expansion machine, plate dryer etc.
Application:  Extruded/Expansion rice bran preparation and production


Our designed rice bran pretreatment and expansion production line with our patent expanding machine, has many outstanding features, such as that can minimize the total fat loss, increase the oil yield, improve the quality of oil and meal/cake , and perfectly match the extraction production line and directly affect extraction effect.


Process flow of Rice Bran Oil pretreatment & Expansion Machine introduction:

1. Rice bran is unloaded into expansion workshop from the raw material warehouse and fed into the bucket elevator through variable frequency feeder, and then conveyed to magnetic separator to remove the possible metal impurities.
2. The rice bran goes through Bran & tip separation screen to remove large complexes of rice bran and broken rice.
3. The cleaned rice bran will be conveyed into softening conditioner through elevator to adjust the moisture and temperature, and conveyed into the expansion machine through the bucket elevator, material storage and quantitatively feeder conveyor with frequency conversion stepless speed .
4. The expanded rice bran particle material will enter the static conveyor and then conveyed into chain dryer for drying. The expanded rice bran with moderately moisture and temperature will be sent to extraction workshop by scraper conveyor.

Machinery & Equipments of  Rice Bran Oil Processing Plant:

rice bran oil extraction machine-1Rice bran oil extraction machine-1
rice bran oil extraction machine-2Rice bran oil extraction machine-2
rice bran oil extraction machine-3Rice bran oil extraction machine-3
rice bran oil extraction machine-4Rice bran oil extraction machine-4
rice bran oil refining machine-1Rice bran oil refining machine-1
rice bran oil refining machine-2Rice bran oil refining machine-2
Rice bran oil refining machine-3Rice bran oil refining machine-3
Rice bran oil refining machine-4Rice bran oil refining machine-4
Rice bran oil refining machine-5Rice bran oil refining machine-5
Rice bran oil refining machine-6Rice bran oil refining machine-5
Rice bran oil refining machine-7Rice bran oil refining machine-6
Rice bran oil refining machine-8Rice bran oil refining machine-8

Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine

Type: Oil Extraction from rice bran cake

Capacity: 30-5000T/D

Processed Material: Rice bran, palm fruit, cottonseed, rapeseed, peanut, camellia seed, sunflower seed, corn germ, and safflower seed

Major equipment: rotary multi cell extractor with stainless steel gate or drag chain extractor, D.T.D.C desolventizer-toaster, total negative pressure evaporator, paraffin recovery equipment

Application: pressing cake, flakes, expanded material and all oilseeds with low oil content.


The production line of rice bran oil extraction machine is a type of safe and technology advanced oil processing craft on basis of chemical extraction theory. 90% oil processing amount of developed countries use oil extraction process.

Features of rice bran oil extraction equipments:

Multiple selections of extractors available for rice bran oil extraction. There are three types of extraction process including rotocel extractor, loop extractor, and towline extractor, assures the most convenient extraction of rice bran oil in operation.

● High quality and high efficiency rice bran oil extraction. Chemical rice bran oil extraction assures high oil yield, low residual oil rate in meal, low production cost, and low energy consumption in process flow of rice bran oil extraction with chemical solvents.

● Reliable Integration of design, installation and operation. Rice bran oil extraction machines adopt energy saving design, fulfilling low consumption of water, electric, gas and solvents.

● Rich experience with turn-key projects worldwide. There have been more than 10 turnkey projects of design advanced up 1,0000 T/D rice bran oil extraction plants put into use worldwide.

Rice Bran Oil Extraction Process Flow Introduction:

Rice bran oil extraction technology flow chart

Major processes of rice bran oil extraction:

1. Oil extraction process
2. Steam removal process
3. Evaporation process
4. Solvent cooling and water separation process
5. Tail gas absorption process

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