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Reasonable layout, compact structure, Advanced and flexible process design.


Reasonable layout, compact structure, Advanced and flexible process design.


Reasonable layout, compact structure; Advanced and flexible process design;




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issue papermaking is one of the technically feasible and financially viable projects which has huge returns with less investment. Small-scale manufacturing and large-scale manufacturing both are possible in tissue paper making business. Tissue paper industry has emerged as a new sub-segment within the paper industry in India.

Major reasons behind it are increasing disposable income, hygiene consciousness among the people and deeper penetration of organized retail.

[read more] As more and more people become hygiene conscious, the market base will keep on increasing. Moreover, as it is a recyclable and biodegradable product, it adds to the environmental advantage too. The growth rate of the market is close to 12.5 percent year-on-year. The tissue paper industry high growth potential has propelled its migration from the small-scale Industry to a fully grown organized industry sector in India. Some of the big companies in the paper industry are moving into tissue paper production in India.[/read]

Working with the world-leading manufacturer who has proven & state of art technology mainly from Europe, America & Asia



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pulp pump

double disc refiner

tissue making machine

inclined screen


The Process of Tissue Production Plant

The toilet/tissue paper manufacturing process starts by creating a paper. There are 2 kinds of manufacturing processes for toilet/tissue paper;

  1. Made with virgin paper products (formed from chipped wood)
  2. Made from recycled paper.

Making toilet/tissue paper from the trees

Not all types of trees are used to manufacture toilet/tissue paper. Generally, it is made from “virgin” paper, which is a combination of softwood (approx. 30%) and hardwood trees (approx. 70%). In the final product, to achieve durability in the toilet/tissue paper, water, chemicals, and bleaches are added.

  • To prepare it, softwood and hardwood trees are stripped of their bark with machines, leaving as much wood as possible.
  • The bare logs are then passed through machines to cut it into smaller pieces and then carefully separated in
  • to batches.
  • The wood chip batches are then cooked in a mixture of chemicals for a few hours.
  • The wood moisture is then evaporated and the mass is reduced to cellulose fibres, lignin (adhesive that binds fibres together) and other substances. The result is usable fibre, called pulp. The pulp is what paper is made from.
  • The lignin and the cooking chemicals are then washed out of the pulp.
  • The washed pulp is then bleached until all the colour is removed. The lignin must be removed from the pulp or the paper will become yellow over time.
  • The pulp is mixed with a lot of water to produce paper stock, which is sprayed onto screens of mesh to drain the water.
  • The paper is then pressed, dried, scraped off with metal blades, wound around jumbo reels and then moved to machines that cut it into long strips and perforate it into squares.

Making toilet/tissue paper from recycled materials

  • Waste paper is collected, sorted and brought to the paper plant mill, where it is mixed with water and chemicals, then pulped, filtered, refined and turned into pulp.
  • The treated pulp comes out of the paper mill on a jumbo roll, which is then transported to a converting tissue plant where it will be converted into the final product (i.e. toilet rolls/tissue paper).
  • The toilet/tissue paper is then embossed, perforated and transferred onto long toilet logs as per the correct sheet count.
  • The long toilet/tissue paper logs are then fed to the band saw which automatically cuts the toilet/tissue paper logs to the correct size, ready to be packed.
  • It is then fed into the various wrapping machines and shipped to the various retailers.


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Techgen Engineering Ltd working with world leading manufacturer who has proven & state of art technology mainly from Europe, America & Asia.


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